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If you are interested in acquiring a kitten from us, please download the Kitten Enquiry Form hereafter and forward to the below e-mail address. Thank You. – replace AT with @

As a safety precaution, no contact numbers are displayed on this site.

Please feel free to communicate with us in Afrikaans if this is your preferred language. 

 Member Of: 

ABCC -  All Breeds Cat Club -

CASA - Cat Association of Southern Africa -

MCIG(SA) - Maine Coon Interest Group of South Africa -

The Big Cat Club -

WPCC - Western Province Cat Club -  

Cattery Registered With: 

 SACC - Southern African Cat Council -

WCF - World Cat Federation - 


Do not buy supposedly pedigree cats from unregistered breeders.
If in doubt whether a breeder is registered, please contact the Registering Body he/she claims to be registered with.

How to recognize a responsible breeder:

SACC Press Release:


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