______________________________________C-Litter : 7 Weeks

I decided to do a little branding with Levi’s® - http://www.levis.co.za/.

But what an undertaking – moving targets galore apart from trying to ‘showcase’ a denim jean.   

All objects in the pictures are borrowed:

  • red blanket from my neighbour

  • denim jean from Debbie

  • black shawl of my mother from way back

  • kittens from their new owners Debbie, Liesl & Hannetjie  

Thank you for helping me out with this photo shoot. 

I also include a few pics taken the previous night – let’s call it ‘We love the scratch post’. 

Enjoy !! 


ps:  Anglaise also decided to join the Levi’s fun – LOL. After all, she is the half sister of the threesome by their dad & turned 6mo on 2010-02-06


View Debbie’s Calliope 

View Hannetjie’s Carmen 

View Liesl’s Chopin 

View All 2 or 3 

View Anglaise





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